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Clean Air Mask 2.0

Clean Air Mask 2.0


    Designed to protect against harmful particles

    By combining cutting-edge filter technology with timeless European design, the Clean Air Mask 2.0 offers outstanding performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air. Reusable and washable. Specialized to protect you from viruses such as the Coronavirus.

    Through the breakout of the Coronavirus, ensuring health and safety in daily life has become a priority for millions of people. Besides the Coronavirus, the filter will also protect you from other viruses, bacteria and air pollutants such as dust and smoke. 

    Superior Protection

    The Advanced Air Filter 2.0 protects from bacteria and pollution that are impossible to see with the naked eyes. 

    The filter’s innovative, multi-layer protection technology guaranteeing the highest quality and outstanding efficiency. With its lightweight fiber material, the filter adapts to the face and feels soft on the skin, working as an almost invisible layer.

    Improving your life quality with a simple step, the Advanced Air Filter 2.0 is an investment that will benefit your health every day. With regular use, the filter can provide prevention of viruses, decreased allergies and healthier lungs

    Our respirator mask with an adjustable V-shaped nose clip, which can comfortably fit the nose and prevent fogging. Hanging ear hook design and adjustable strap can be adjusted to different head sizes to prevent slipping and positioning.

    Performance and technical specifications

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