The problem: Invisible pollution

Alongside the easily visible smoke pollution, air pollutants which are less than 2.5 microns in diameter cause one of the greatest health risks. Because they are invisible to the naked eye, the problem often goes undetected – but in the long run, it can cause serious complications and infections.


This invisible problem keeps affecting people every day. And with constantly rising air pollution levels all over the world, it is now more important than ever to take action and focus on your health. Our anti-pollution masks were designed with the most advanced filtration layers to help you take control over your wellbeing by eliminating air pollutants.


Did You Know?


Poor quality air can contribute to a number of damages including asthma, cancer, severe allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

The solution: Benefits of wearing our anti-pollution mask

As people are unable to filter out these tiny particles through the nose, we had to look for an efficient solution that stops them passing through to the airways, air sacs and bloodstream.

The anti-air pollution mask offers the perfect solution. Featuring five different layers to filter a variety of particulates, the mask actively protects your health and holds a range of related benefits.

Decreased chance of infection

If particles reach the body, they can easily spread deep inside the lungs or the bloodstream. The mask effectively works against bacteria, viruses and germs, creating a safer space for you outdoors. Especially due to the recent outbreak of the devastating Coronavirus, it is now essential to wear an anti-pollution mask that can lower the chances of infections and airborne diseases.

Cleaner Lungs

Having cleaner lungs thanks to air filtering is directly linked to an overall healthier lifestyle and longer life span. Inhaling purified air will also result in a higher lung capacity, therefore making breathing an easier process.

Allergy relief

By filtering out pollen and pollutants instantly, the mask also aids in allergy relief. Whether it’s dust, plant spores or pet dander, the filter technology of the mask ensures your lungs stay protected.

Other benefits of the mask include improved digestion, better oxygen and blood flow when wearing the mask and lower blood pressure.


The mask protects from:

  • Bacteria and germs: Long-term exposure can cause serious damage, infections and diseases, so wearing a mask outdoors and in high-risk environments is essential. To keep your immune system strong, the mask filters out over 95% of bacteria and germs.

  • Air pollution: Today, pollution and smog amount to the largest environmental crisis our population faces. Our air mask is N99 certified and will filter out over 95% of the pollution, helping your lungs one breath at a time.

  • Allergens: Providing an instant allergy relief, our mask also filters out pollen and other allergen pollutants such as dust and pet dander.

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